Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (S.O.A.R.)

Registered Name: Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (S.O.A.R.)

Business Number: 850446212RR0001

Our Mission

Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (SOAR) is committed to rescuing ALL breeds of dogs in need.

To provide rescue services for dogs that have either been abused, neglected or abandoned.

To find loving, caring, committed, responsible homes for dogs in need.

To provide long term homes for dogs through adoption and/or temporary (foster) homes until adoption is possible.

To liaise with local and provincial animal controls in order to rescue dogs in their care from euthanization.

To liaise, from time to time, with owners needing to surrender their dogs for adoption

due to inability to be able to continue caring for said dog.

All dogs rescued are fully vaccinated, vet checked, microchipped, sterilized, and temperament tested.

To educate the public and help dispel the myths regarding so-called “bad breeds”; i.e.: “pit bulls”, Rottweilers, etc., through seminars and literature.

About Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (S.O.A.R.)

Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (SOAR) is a very dedicated group of volunteers in Southern Ontario, Canada, committed to rescuing ALL breeds of dogs in need.

As a Registered Charity with extremely limited resources, SOAR rescues every single dog that it is able to, including dogs that have been abandoned or rejected due to ill health, abnormalities or old age; something most rescue groups are unable or unwilling to do.

We are able to do this only with the public's generosity. We receive no funds from any agency, corporation or government. All monies are raised through the time and efforts of our volunteers at events through out the year, such as dog shows, pet shows like All About Pets and SOAR-run events like our annual Christmas Party, Summer Dog Days, etc.

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