Registered Name: SpayAid PEI Inc.

Business Number: 821795812RR0001

Our Mission

SpayAid PEI is dedicated to eliminating pet over-population on Prince Edward Island by creating and maintaining a spay/neuter assistance program, targeted to assist Island citizens most in need. SpayAid believes that facilitating sterilization services is a necessary and vital part of the non-lethal solution to the stray, unwanted and abandoned pet crisis. By facilitating responsible pet ownership for low-income families, the assistance services SpayAid provides are intended to:

- reduce the numbers of feral and unowned stray or abandoned companion animals in Island Communities

- reduce the numbers of companion animals brought to and euthanized in the Humane Society shelter

- increase the chances for shelter companion animals to be placed in homes


The cost of the spay/neuter surgeries is split three ways between the client, SpayAid PEI, and the participating veterinary practice, making the program affordable for the client and as equitable as possible for the veterinarian who is generously donating his or her services. The program also sponsors vaccinations for the animals, again splitting the cost three ways, but with SpayAid sponsoring a larger share in order to keep the cost affordable for the client. This cost is shared with the client paying $20 per animal for this service, SpayAid covering $30 of the cost, and any cost remaining absorbed by the veterinarian.

To qualify for the program clients must provide proof of low income that meets the criteria laid out by Statistics Canada’s survey of low income earnings. Once clients are accepted into the program, they will receive one voucher for vaccinations and one for spay/neuter surgery. Both vouchers are embossed with the official SpayAid Logo, as proof of authenticity.

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