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Registered Name: Société Préventive de Cruauté Envers les Animaux de l`Ouest de l'Île

Business Number: 839055589RR0001

Help the SPCA West this Holiday Season

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2018

The Holidays are a time for family, for warmth, for love and for laughter. Warm fuzzy socks, a crackling Christmas fire, Nana's homemade soup. However, it is not every deserving creature in this world that feels the warm glow that the Season of Giving brings into our lives.

This Christmas there are dogs living in the streets that will freeze. There are cats with nowhere to call home who will try to keep their kittens warm but they will fail. The animals in our shelter will not have happy children to give them belly rubs or to play with them with their new toys. Do they know it's Christmas time at all?

The SPCA West will be closed to the public from December 22 to January 7. We will remain open for our animals. We will come care for them on Christmas day. We will ring in the New Year with them and wish them a better 2019, because we all know they deserve it.

We will be on call for any animal left out to freeze and in need of our emergency services. We will leave our friends and families if needed because an animal life is never something we would brush off regardless of the time of year. Animals are our top priority and we make the sacrifices necessary to help them.

We urge you to help us make this Christmas special for the pets in our care and help us provide for animals that need rescuing. Every donation can mean an extra hour of playtime for Stanley on Christmas day or extra cuddle time for Leo. It can mean new toys for Saska and her three beautiful new puppies and special treats for Blackie the pig. It can mean new beds, new enclosures for animals that have been in the cold for so long that they forgot what a warm embrace feels like.

Donate generously to the SPCA West this Holiday Season.Donate the Stanley and Leo and Saska and Blackie. They never caused anyone any harm and they deserve to feel some extra love this Christmas.

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