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Help lil ol' Maggie


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My name is Maggie. I am an 8 year old Shih Tzu mix who was abandoned by my family to the SPCA West. To be honest, it was a blessing in disguise because ever since I arrived here everyone has been so nice to me and are giving me the attention that I deserve.

D'abord ils m'ont toiletté et m'ont nettoyé. Boy it feels good to have a nice haircut! Then they took me to the vet. The vet did not have very good news for me.

I have a very large bladder stone, a hernia and my teeth are in pretty bad shape. I haven't been able to do my business because of my bladder stone and that is probably what hurts the most.

I overheard the vet tell the nice people at the SPCA West that my treatment would cost $890. That's a lot of money for them! They have a lot of other pups and cats to look after.

If there is any way you can help I'd really appreciate it! I just want to smile and wag my tail again. I want the pain to stop. Please help!


Hi everyone! Take a look at what they got out of me! Do you see the size of that bladder stone?!

The nice people at the SPCA brought me back to see the vet very soon after my initial exam because they did not want to see me suffer.  They took out one of the largest stones the vet had ever seen! I am feeling so much better now! They will be sending it off to the lab to make sure I have a clean bill of health before being able to meet my new family and settle in to my new forever home.

I have you all to thank for this. Thank you once again for the generosity and support you have shown for me and for the SPCA West. 

There is a 50/50 raffle going on in my name and don't worry; it's still on! Any extra funds raised that are not needed on my treatment will go into the medical emergency fund for the next little lady or little man that needs extra help.

Click HERE for your chance to win.

Thank you!