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Marley Needs Help


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Marley is a 3 month old Mastiff mix. She was surrendered today, Christmas day because unfortunately her owners were not able to afford her treatment. She has Parvo.

The canine parvovirus (CPV) infection is a highly contagious viral illness that affects dogs. The virus attacks a dog's intestines and causes vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and lack of appetite (anorexia). Dehydration because of these symptoms can lead to shock and death if not treated.

Marley is currently under 24/7 medical supervision and her initial treatment is estimated at $2900-$3500.

Marley needs a Christmas miracle. We reacted. We came to her help. Now we need you, our loyal supporters. Any donation will be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE 12/26

Marley made it through the night. It was very touch and go for a little while and the veterinary team was not sure she would pull through.

She woke up the day after Christmas a little stronger and with eyes full of hope for her full recovery. She is now undergoing blood transfusions that will put even more chance on her side and will allow the medication she is being given to take stronger effect.

UPDATE  12/27

After initial treatment, Marley woke up feeling better on December 26. She was put on intravenous and was given blood transfusions so her medication would react better.

Unfortunately this afternoon, we received an update from the vet hospital and she is not doing well.

So far, the total vet bill is at $2800 but the final bill is now estimated at closer to $5000.

We have no other choice but to hope that Marley will pull through.

Regardless of how people feel towards the veterinary hospital, towards us or towards Marley's former owner, we need to remain focused on the real issue: Marley.

Let us use the combined passion and the love we have for animals to fight for Marley rather than fight amongst ourselves. Let's let go of the negativity and focus positive energies towards this pup's survival.

UPDATE 12/28

Marley has once again impressed us with her fight by making it through the night and is doing better this morning.

She is being given potassium intravenously to up her levels. Constant hydration and antibiotics are also being administered.

Her medical bill has reached $4200 as of this morning and we do not want to give up on her so we ask that you continue to share this story within your networks so we can keep affording her treatment.

We plan on moving her to a regular veterinary clinic but she is still too weak to be taken off her IVs.

UPDATE 12/29

This morning we wake up with better news. Marley had a better night and her potassium levels seem to be willing to stabilize and she is more perky than the last few days.

The medical team will do another full blood work this AM to make sure everything is heading in the right direction and if everything remains stable, she will be able to leave intensive care soon.

It is thanks to all of your support that this mission of saving her life is possible and Marley is able to receive the care she deserves.

It is not over yet! Marley still needs a lot of treatments and care before she is strong enough to leave the emergency hospital and be transferred to a regular facility.

We are hopeful we will be able to transfer her in the coming day or two. Marley needs your support to make it out and start a new life. We ask you to not stop now.

Marley has come a long way; she has held strong through so much misery, pain and suffering! We must keep the support going.

UPDATE 12/30

Yesterday evening, the call we received from the intensive care was not what we wanted to hear.

Marley's blood pressure is stable, most of her levels have stabilized from all the treatments she is receiving, but now it's the protein levels that have gone all wrong!

The proteins levels going out of whack have caused her limbs to swell.  This can lead to very serious conditions including death. This situation needed immediate correction and we had to make a very important decision: we carry on or we stop all treatments and hope for the best?

After so much has been done, and with Marley holding on to life like she has done all week, we simply could not turn our back on her at this point.

The protein treatments are extremely expensive and she has to get at least 2. Her stay at the intensive care also means at least 2 or 3 more days at the emergency hospital which will require more money.

We took the decision to keep going with Marley's treatments, since she herself refuses to let go, and we really hope that you our supporters will also be there for her and approve of our decision.

It is a lot of money! After protein treatments and more intensive care, it will easily reach 11,000.00 $

Is a life of a young 3 month old puppy worth it? in our eyes, yes. In Marley's eyes, definitely yes.

UPDATE 12/31

It appears as though Marley has made it through the worst and with our positive vibes and a lot of hope, we pray that her health will no longer decline and will just keep improving.

The veterinarians at the animal hospital where Marley is being cared for say that this is the worst case of Parvo they have ever seen.

Her most recent treatment of protein injections has seemed to stabilize her condition. She has been through hell and back with her antibiotics, blood transfusions, IVs, potassium injections, protein, etc...

She is currently still in intensive care and is being watched 24/7 by an Animal Health Technician (TSA). She will need to remain at the animal hospital for a few more days. On December 30th, her invoice reached over $8000 (picture of invoice in post). By this morning, her total medical expenses are at $9472.00.

We know her treatment is costing a lot of money. We are so appreciative of all of our supporters' generosity. We must keep on going... for Marley!

UPDATE 01/01

The New Year brings good news for our little Marley.

This morning Marley is retaining her proteins on her own and is now strong enough to begin her de-worming process as she is infested with parasites which is not helping her heal. Once de-wormed, the staff at the DMV say that her healing will go even quicker.

Her medical bill has reached $10,900.00 this morning and she is not out of ICU so will be remaining at the DMV which means her bill will be going up.

UPDATE 01/02

Great news this morning! Marley is doing better! FINALLY!

Her doctors tell us that she has been eating by herself for the first time since arriving at the hospital. Her blood levels and pressure are stable, she has no fever and she finally shows a little more energy.

The whole team is in tears of joy after so much effort and worry, this little Christmas miracle finally decided to give us what we have been waiting for since last week. If all goes well she will be out of the intensive care unit soon!

THANK YOU all for supporting us and trusting our teams of people so dedicated to Marley. We will publish new pictures of Marley as soon as possible.

Help us to reach the goal of having Marley on all fours again, be in good shape and full of love and to offer in her a long life ahead.

Marley still needs you, she needs us and a lot of care.