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Windows and Siding Renovations

Campaign Ends March 24, 2021

At our annual congregational meeting, held on February 24, 2019, it was decided that the windows and siding on the church must be replaced.  These are the original single pane wooden framed windows. We have known they have to be replaced for some time, but the urgency really hit home last year when we had the windows scraped and painted and it was discovered that the wooden frames are rotting to the point where they are being held together by the paint.

The new windows, we are planning to install, are much more energy efficient.  During the window renovations, we also intend to add 3 exterior doors, styrofoam sheeting insulation and we will have to replace the vinyl siding.

With volunteer labor for much of the work, we feel we can achieve the necessary renovations for approximately $50,000.00.

Any donation you might be able to make is deeply appreciated.  Pledge sheets are available at the Church if you would like to sponsor a window, door, insulation or siding.  Every donor who commits over $100.00 will be recognized on a plaque in the church.  Every donor who commits to a window will have the opportunity to be recognized with a name plate affixed to the window.

Every online donor who donates here at will automatically receive a charitable tax receipt via email.

Should you have any questions you can contact Rick Buchanan (fund raising committee chair) at 673-4557.

Donations can be placed in the collection plate during worship services or forwarded to the above address.

Thank you, God Bless.

Rick Buchanan

Chair-Fund Raising Committee.

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