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Gear Up for Housing 2018


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                                                                                         Gear Up for Housing 2018

                                                                                  10-3PM, Saturday, May 12th, 2018

                                                                                50km Bike Ride to End Homelessness

Join us on May 12th, 2018 as we cycle the city, raising money to support St. Clare’s Multifaith Housing in building homes and ending homelessness for 22 more people.

While ending homelessness may feel impossible, St. Clare’s knows that it can be done simply by housing one person at a time.

St. Clare’s innovative Leonard Phase 3 project is building 22 micro-units of housing next to their 25 Leonard Street building. These tiny homes will bring 22 people off the streets and into housing that is safe, secure and affordable.  

Every donation to Gear Up For Housing goes to helping St. Clare’s end homelessness for 22 people through Leonard Phase 3.


Please Join Us At Gear Up For Housing 2018!

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All Gear Up For Housing participants are provided with complementary snacks, a delicious catered lunch, bike support, a GUFH t-shirt and a deep sense that you are making a difference.


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About Gear Up for Housing

Launched in 2013, Gear Up for Housing raises money in support of St. Clare’s Multifaith Housing, a Toronto-based non-profit housing group dedicated to ending homelessness in the city.

To date Gear Up for Housing has raised $190,000 that St. Clare’s has used to develop new affordable housing opportunities in Toronto.

Please Join Us At Gear Up For Housing 2018!

To Register: Please email us at

Homelessness In Toronto

Deep cuts to social programs and lack of investment in affordable housing since the 1990s have brought homelessness in Toronto to crisis proportions. At the same time, Toronto’s downtown neighbourhoods are rapidly gentrifying, leaving less and less space for low-income residents to remain in their communities. Homelessness is an ever-growing national disaster that leaves an estimated 2000 people sleeping on our streets every night, approximately 3800 are warehoused in emergency shelters, another 1500 women and children escaping domestic violence are waiting up to a year to get into affordable housing. Thousands more are at-risk, forced to make the terrible choice between rent and food.

Our city’s wait list for housing has been setting a new record high every month since 2008. In November, 2014 there were 91,809 households waiting for housing. Most will wait for over ten years to get housing.

Why is homelessness at such crisis levels?

The reason is remarkably simple, and it’s not laziness, addiction or mental illness. The number one cause of homelessness in Canada is poverty.

Homelessness is extreme poverty. It’s a simple relationship: no money equals no housing. No money because of injury, illness, job loss, debt, death in the family, family breakdown, abuse and violence. The list goes on but the result is often the same: no money equals no housing.

What’s the answer?

Thankfully the solution is equally straightforward: provide affordable housing. Toronto needs affordable housing. Whether we build it, convert it, or fund it, affordable housing is an elegant solution to a devastating problem.

When poverty is the number one reason for homelessness, affordable housing gives individuals and families the security and stability of a home. Providing access to affordable housing is a foundational piece needed to begin rebuilding lives after experiencing homelessness and to prevent poverty from spiraling into homelessness.

Please Join Us At Gear Up For Housing 2018!

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About St. Clare’s Multifaith Housing

St. Clare’s was formed in 1998 by a dedicated group of activists convinced that ending homelessness required two things: affordable housing and action. Since their early days, St Clare’s has become a respected leader in the building and providing of affordable housing, known for out-of-the-box thinking that uses capitalist tools to create positive social outcomes.  To date, St. Clare’s has successfully developed 383 units of affordable housing in Toronto.

With their innovative housing model that collaborates with service agencies to ensure tenants receive the support they need to remain housed and their proven record of providing high quality affordable housing, St. Clare’s is fighting homelessness in Toronto one apartment at a time. Read more about St. Clare’s at