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Canadian Cousins Refugee Sponsorship

Campaign Ended Sept. 30, 2019

We are the “Canadian Cousins” – seven women who have come together with their families to sponsor a young Syrian refugee family and, in so doing, reunite a family torn apart by war.

The family we have been working hard to bring to Canada – Mom, Rehab; Dad, Montaser; and their two children, six-year-old Ward and 11-year-old Wesam – were living a precarious existence as UNHCR asylum-seekers in Jordan. The only employment for Montaser was in the uncertain shadow economy, and the kids are relegated to substandard refugee schools. A return to Aleppo, even if peace were to return, is out of the question. In the early days of peaceful demonstrations in Syria, Montaser and three of his friends were pro-democracy activists on social media. One of those friends has since died in detention in Syria; Montaser and the others are on the regime’s wanted list.

Rehab’s brother, Yaser, came to Canada with his family three years ago, and four members of our group helped them to settle in nearby Thorncliffe Park. Yaser’s words tell of the emotional burden so many refugee families carry when they leave behind loved ones – and may help you understand why we are so determined to bring these two families together:

Hello my name is Yaser Nadaf. I’m 30 years old. I have one daughter she’s seven years old and one son he’s six years old. I came to Canada in February 2016. I am study English and working part-time. I’m grateful to government for help us and give us new life and save life and chance to achieve my goals to be successful in life. And also I’m grateful to all Canadian people and group volunteer who help us a lot. I’m very happy and optimistic. I believe as soon as possible I will be successful.

I have one problem. My children always ask me why we don’t have any relatives. When they ask me I cry. I can’t answer this question. I have one sister Rehab in Jordan I didn’t see for many years ago she has two children. I hope anybody can help me to bring her to Canada. This is my dream.

I can achieve my goals by study and work hard but my dream I need help. Finally I thanks everybody.

Won’t you help us help Yaser to realize his dream of giving his sister and her family the same chance for peace and security that he and his family now have?

As a group, we have committed just over $27,000 towards the sponsorship of Yaser’s sister and her family. Our goal is to raise another $23,000, for a total of $50,000, to cover their basic living expenses for at least a year while they learn English, find employment and settle in their new country.

Any support you can provide is much appreciated and is fully tax-receiptable. Please click on the button on this page to make your donation and receive your charitable receipt electronically. Thank you!

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