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St. Mary's General Hospital Foundation


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SMGH Foundation is dedicated to raising funds in support of the care provided to Kitchener-Waterloo & beyond by St. Mary's General Hospital.

St. Mary's General Hospital Foundation


Better equipment, better care. It starts with you.

St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing patient care at St. Mary’s General Hospital since 1986.

Our community relies on donor generosity to equip St. Mary’s General Hospital with the tools it needs to provide excellent care.

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Our Vision

Together, we secure priority equipment and innovations that improve care for all and build lifelong relationships with the communities we serve.

Our Values

Together, we commit to engaging the community and supporting its healthcare needs, and to inspiring donors to invest in vital equipment and initiatives.

Our Track Record

Together, we raise roughly $10 million annually to ensure St. Mary's is equipped to provide accessible and compassionate care close to home.


The Impact of Your Donations

Each year, community contributions fund essential programs and equipment at St. Mary’s that benefit patients across the region. Whether it’s a tiny surgical tool or a large diagnostic machine, if it improves community healthcare, we work to get it.

Let's work together to ensure our friends, neighbours, and loved ones continue to get the care they need and deserve.

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