St. Mary's Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church, Edmonton

Registered Name: St. Mary's Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church, Edmonton

Business Number: 806638037RR0001

Welcome toSt. Mary's Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church, Edmonton.  Our faith is 2000 years old and traces its roots to Our Lord Jesus Christ, directly through St.Peter, the First Patriarch. On this website, we have attempted to share useful information on the tremendous amount of history, tradition and activities that have developed over the past years. Creation of Adam and Eve became the bed rock of human civilization, prior to which the world had no existence, life had no meaning and faith was not born. A stone thrown back in time reveals the identity of a church that began from the sand of faith and cement of love of its worshippers. Rising from nonexistence to a worthy identity is the benevolence of the God Almighty Himself. Creating an Altar of peace and love for the faithful in the northern part of Canada (Edmonton) was the all time dream of Jacobite Syrian Church. Please visit History page to see a snap shot of our development.By the grace of God, We are fortunate enough by the visits of many Eminent Bishops and services of Many beloved Priests.The fortune of an entity never revolves around any single person. The success and faith borne development of this congregation is dedicated to many Jacobite believers living here, who provide their sincere efforts and prayers for the development this congregation. Our profound thanks to our entire sister churches established in and around the city of Edmonton for granting all the help and support during the budding stage of this growing congregation to flourish in the magma of belief in His Almighty. 

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