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Capital Campaign : Help us raise funds to keep our historical building warm and accessible!

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2020

The Church buildings, which includes the main church, recreation centre, and currently houses a daycare operated for the community, are in dire need of a new heating system to replace the decades old boiler system, after many years of faithful service. Apart from regular church services and related christian events, the buildings also serves the broader community by housing a daycare, a local school, and several other community organizations (scouts, etc) and recreational activities (various sports, music, yoga and more).

After a great deal of investigation and research, our church has determined that the cost to remove and replace the boiler system will be approximately $90,000. This work is urgent and needs to be completed as soon as possible. 

2020 General Update: 

We want to send out a great big thank you to all those who contributed, big or small towards the first phase of our campaign - We are very pleased to confirm that we reached our first goal of $90,000 and have already installed a brand new boiler system to service St Paul's church buildings. It is already operational and has been serving the church well during this winter season. Thank you for your generosity!

Next Phase

A common problem for most old heritage buildings, there is also a need to create better accessibility for those using our facilities. Our original goal was to install a commercial grade wheelchair lift at one of our main entrances to ensure everyone can access the building with ease. However, we have determined based on upcoming government accessibilty requirements, that we need to focus on creating more accessible spaces inside the buildings before we move onto external access needs. Therefore we are planning a staged update, beginning with the installation of an accessible bathroom within the main area of the main area of the church, followed by the external wheelchair lift. 

The internal updates are expected to cost between  $70,000 - $80,000 which includes architectural work, permits,  building/site alterations, and construction. We hope we will be able to complete this upgrade soon with your help. 

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and, help us continue to serve our community!.

We appreciate your generosity.

Thank you

$100,800 raised out of $160,000 goal

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