St. Paul's L'Amoreaux Centre


Business Number: 119195741RR0001

What People Are Saying

"My husband passed away. It was a hard time. I was lonely, so I started volunteering at the Centre. I like helping others, it gives me purpose again whereas before I was focused on my sadness""

— Resident & Centre Volunteer, Read More

"When you retire, you miss that daily contact and you miss being around younger people as well. Volunteering allows me to meet many different people and it keeps me mentally busy."

— Mr. Crisp - Volunteer Driver , Read More

"Before I was admitted to the Supportive Housing service, I didn't know I could receive service at such convenience. During the time I am home alone, Personal Support Workers can be arranged to make safety checks and check on me when I need it"

— Supportive Housing Resident

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