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Stonegate Community Association


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Good Food Box Holiday Drive

Campaign Ended Jan. 31, 2020
2019 Fundraiser for Fresh Food!

For the ninth season in a row, the Stonegate CHC is teaming up with the community to help put additional food on the table of those in need in our area. Our aim is to match last year's Good Food Box Holiday Drive donations, in order to purchase over 300 Good Food Boxes for community members dealing with food and hunger issues.

Since 2014, all stores and businesses in Stonegate Plaza were forced to close due to redevelopment, including the Valu-Mart, Polish deli, Outreach Store, and pharmacy. Our community has been a food desert ever since, without walkable access to fresh healthy food.

We rely on your generous support as poverty is a serious concern in the Stonegate Community, where 28% of families and 38% of children are living in poverty.  

A donation of $18 buys a local family a large size Good Food Box brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables as a gift for the holidays.  The Good Food Box is a non-profit fresh fruit and vegetable distribution system operated by FoodShare Toronto. Every Good Food Box is filled with top-quality fruits and vegetables from local farmers and the Ontario Food Terminal

A $50 donation provides Good Food Boxes to 3 families in need.

A $100 donation provides Good Food Boxes to 6 families in need.

A $250 donation provides Good Food Boxes to 15 families in need.

A $500 donation provides Good Food Boxes to 30 families in need.

100% of donations go towards providing fresh healthy food for those in need. Charitable tax receipts are available for every donation. 

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