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Celebrating Gratitude

Student Open Circles

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Welcome to our 2018 Crowdfunding Campaign! The theme for this year's campaign is Celebrating Gratitude. Student Open Circles helps McMaster University students reflect on ways to increase compassion in our world and gives them opportunities to make a difference through service in the community. You can find more descriptions of how we help spread compassion on each of the team pages.

“University is a great opportunity but without guidance it can be very overwhelming,” wrote one undergrad. Student Open Circles reaches out to students at McMaster University, and they in turn reach out to thousands of people at community organizations throughout Hamilton.

Student Open Circles creates a supportive community for a diversity of students to reflect personally and spiritually. Students grow into compassionate leaders who care for others. Facilitators Jeff and Marybeth meet with students one-on-one, in small groups and in workshops and retreats. With the help of an intern, they take on the enormous task of organizing 300 students volunteering weekly at over 20 community organizations.

Your support really matters: while Student Open Circles is well-known on campus, we are not funded by the university. Thank you for supporting our campaign!

“Open Circle supported me to embark on the journey to discover who I am. As an alumni, there are so many practices that I gained in Open Circle that I still use every single day - I am so grateful for the opportunities I had with Open Circle in my Undergrad.” (Kathryn – Open Circle alumni)

“It is great to have a reliable and 'ready-to-go' group of volunteers each semester. This is very helpful in alleviating the need to independently recruit volunteers and ensure we have a group of young and eager volunteers, often with the high value skills of doing advanced math and science.” (Jack Bernacki, coordinator of Pathways to Education at North Hamilton Community Health Centre)