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2019 Campaign "Aging gracefully"

Campaign Ends June 30, 2019

Studio 303 is nearly 30 years young! And I - Miriam - have been here for most of my adulthood. I've never been bored - working here continues to be stimulating because there is so much space for creativity, the impact we have is real, and the community support is irreplaceable. There is so much movement, literally.

As for myself, Kim-Sanh, I am 32 years old, and I love the idea that a whole generation of cutting edge artists have inhabited this space, which is such an important part of my life. Their traces still nurture 303's spirit in a constant and lively manner, inspiring future generations.

Together, along with our colleagues, we're actively brainstorming around how Studio 303 can be more inclusive while remaining niche, balance being proactive and reactive, embrace simplicity without succumbing to complacency, all the while keeping our institutional ego in check!

Our 30th anniversary will not involve a grand gala, but rather a series of sparkles throughout our programming, as well as our reflections, policies, space and archives.

Aging gracefully is about knowing who you are, gaining maturity through perspective and continuity, knowing what's essential. It's also about being humble, learning from the younger generation, and moving forward without fear. The Interweb reveals these tips on growing old with panache: reduce stress, move often, learn something new. May we just say, we're on it!

Aging gracefully is only possible with the support of loved ones, like you.


The 303 team

2 months, 1 week to go