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Bridges to Nature 'Give-a-Sheet' Campaign

Campaign Ended Dec. 26, 2018

The 1,040 feet of floating boardwalk at Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary is an outdoor classroom and a naturalist’s tool to 'Bridge People to Nature'. Made of wood in 1991, it has been weathered by forces of nature and has aged beyond repair. It has reached the end of its life. This structure that bridges people to nature will be replaced with aluminum - safe, aesthetic, and guaranteed longevity. The North Wharf was replaced in June, 2015 after a successful community campaign. It is essential the remainder of the boardwalk spanning the lake be replaced as soon as possible. The estimated replacement cost is $800,000 with that number rising with every passing year.

Each sheet of fiberglass decking costs approximately $500. Hence the cheeky campaign name - Give-a-$heet! Yes, we realize at first glance you may think we said something different, well truth be told we want you to do that too. The Sanctuary staff, Board, volunteers want you to care.  More importantly all the wildlife including the owls that call the Sanctuary home want you to give two hoots about them.

Every donation from $5 to $5,000.00 makes a difference. Every gift means we are one step closer to Bridging People to Nature. The over 65,000 people that visit the Sanctuary thank you. The over 10,000 students that took part in our programs last year, learning about nature, learning about environmental stewardship - they thank you.

Please won't you 'Give-a-$heet' and donate today? Visit and be show Canadians that during Canada's 150th being bold, being cheeky, means you Give-a-$heet.

Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary is a charitable non-profit organization that relies on your generous donations to maintain an oasis that fosters understanding and appreciation of nature through direct experience.

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