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The Lost Words - 2018 Winter Appeal

Campaign Ended Jan. 15, 2019

Dear Friend,

One word can change someone’s entire day.As we move toward this upcoming Holiday Season, I wanted to share something with you about how a word, in a book, changed my day then spurred me on to focus the winter appeal around this story when I wrote this letter to you.I want to share with you how “The Lost Words” can change someone you know for a life time…

In early October, Jessica Walker, managing partner at Munro’s Books reached out to share with me the story of “The Lost Words”. She wanted to share its message knowing how strongly members and donors of the Society feel, about the importance of nature education for children. She wanted to tell me about the dazzling poems and the haunting artwork that makes the book an absolute treasure.

“The Lost Words”, authored by Robert Macfarlane and illustrated by Jackie Morris in 2017, is a book combining acrostic spell-poems with exquisite illustrations. It is intended to restore the relevance of words from nature to ensure they are not lost at all, but instead, lovingly remain for future generations of children for years to come.The book showcases everyday words of the natural world in a beautiful protest of their disappearance from the Oxford Junior Dictionary, when they were deemed to no longer reflect the current relevance and frequency of words in daily language of children.

Words like:

• Acorn: currently falling from the Gary Oak tree outside my office window as the crisp fall air settles over the Sanctuary and Greater Victoria.

• Fern: it takes only moments to spot a licorice fern when you venture out on a walk on Christmas Hill.

• Newt: and then there is the ohh too cute, rough-skinned newt that staff affectionately call Toothless. He is not lost, he calls the Nature House home.

• Otter: whose silly antics amuse young and old off the newly renovated floating boardwalk.

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