TEAD Equestrian Association for the Disabled


Business Number: 889874970RR0001


TEAD horses and riders are at the heart of everything we do!

Our horses have become the cherished friends and therapeutic partners to hundreds of children, youth and families. Every day, we observe how riding and interacting with horses benefits our participants’ physical and cognitive health. What is less visible, but deeply felt, is the emotional connection between rider and horse. As part of our TEAD family we want to reassure you that, while our barn doors are closed to riders and visitors, our TEAD personnel remain busy keeping our horse friends healthy, safe and happy!  

Our expert staff continue to provide top quality equine care and training to our 16 therapy horses. Our horse friends receive:

  • Daily safety checks, grooming and human connection
  • Scheduled feeding based on individual horse health and maintenance needs
  • Ongoing exercise and training to ensure the horses are physically and mentally ready to get back to work when programming resumes
  • Paddock time – fresh air, sunshine and play time are essential to a horse’s wellbeing
  • Clean stalls and safe facilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced TEAD to cancel scheduled programs and fundraising events. However, our quality horse care and preparations for the return of our valued riders, families and volunteers must continue.


These are tough times for everyone, and we recognize the financial strain that many are experiencing. But IF you able, please consider a donation towards our #TEADtogether campaign. Your support will help provide continued quality care for our horse team, and make sure we’re all ready to get back in the saddle as soon as possible. We will get through this together.

Thank you for being a champion for our horses and riders!