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Media School

Today you have a chance to be part of something new - starting a new venture that could change lives all over the world. 

We all watch TV and movies. Today's youth are more impacted by media than ever before. Their sense of what is true and real is formed by the stories they watch. Stories, in a sense, form the culture of our age. 

We can reach this generation - all around the world - by using TV, movies and the internet, to tell our faith-stories. But who will train people to do this? Who will help churches to become media wise so they can make videos that impact people with powerful and fun stories? 

This is what we're all about. We plan to create just such a school. With your gift to this project, you can help us purchase a HD Camera, 2 computers and lights. This summer we'll use those tools to run a multi-week media school where we train young people in the power of story and how to use media to tell their stories. We hope that this summer camp grows to become a full fledged media school where dozens of young people are trained every year. And you had a part in starting this. 

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