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Tetra Ontario - COVID-19 Critical Relief Fund


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Tetra Society (ON) clients with disabilities are struggling to stay safe at home and adapt to life changes caused by COVID-19. 

In an alarming number of cases, individuals with disabilities needing daily support from caregivers (many needing multiple carers per day), were afraid for themselves and their carers, who at no fault of their own were often equipped with little to no protective equipment. 

Additionally, many people with disabilities have weakened immune systems or underlying conditions, making it very dangerous for them to run errands for basic needs like groceries, hygiene products, and medications. 

Tetra (ON) is supporting people with disabilities during COVID-19 in 3 ways:

We have heard our community's call for help. In addition to building custom assistive devices, we have added COVID-19 programs and services with a focus on feeding, protecting, and supporting people with disabilities during the pandemic.

1. FEED:

We will purchase and deliver grocery store gift certificates to people with disabilities. Your gift allows those who are struggling most afford food, hygiene items, and medications from their local grocer.


We will gift people with disabilities and front-line support workers with personal protective equipment so that everybody stays safe. 


Our team and volunteers are proactively seeking ways to be there for people with disabilities during this time, and we remain grateful for any financial support you can provide.


- Ford Canada (donated 100 face shields!)

- Champion (donated 50 masks, 15 bottles of hand sanitizer, and covered shipping costs for face shields!)

- Brafasco (donated 200 masks, 5 bottles of hand sanitizer, 3 boxes of gloves)

- Nortec Industries (donated 100 face shields)

- Murphy's Law (donated 100 1L bottles of sanitizer)

- Myant (donated 100 face masks)

Sobeys ($1,000 - donated 20 x $50 grocery store certificates)

- ANGEL Donor ($1,500 - donated 30 x $50 grocery store certificates)

Please donate online today, or make an in-kind donation by contacting

This fundraiser is for Tetra Ontario relief, if you would like to donate to Tetra on a national level, please click HERE.