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The Armor of Light Christian Fellowship


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Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

Community sponsorship mobilizes and empowers ordinary individuals to play a leading role in welcoming refugees and helping them settle in their communities. Sponsors commit to providing settlement support for the duration of the sponsorship period. These supports include finding housing, providing furniture, clothing, and other basic necessities, orienting newly arrived refugees to the transportation system, connecting them with community services, offering friendship and moral support, and much more. In Canada, the sponsorship lasts a year, but typically the friendships and deep bonds that are formed endure far beyond the initial sponsorship period. Armor of Light Christian Fellowship is one of the sponsors who sponsor refuges overseas and make them settled in Canada. We have sent our applications for 3 individuals and a family of 2 to IRCC office abroad. These applications have been approved already on August 13, 2019 and IRCC office abroad is going to arrange for their transport to Canada anytime soon. The government of Canada is going to pay for 6 months period while one of the generous organization called Refugee Hub is going to pay 5 months period. We as sponsorship group is responsible for the start-up costs (also known as start-up allowances). It is a one time payment intended to cover the initial cost of settling in Canada. It includes: staple allowance; basic household needs allowance; furniture allowance; and school start-up allowance. In order to make these sponsorship successful, support us to offer newly arrived refugees basics needs, case management, cultural orientation, health access assistance and job preparation and placement help. This is what your fundraising dollars can provide:

$100 School supplies for a refugee child starting their first day of school in Canada

$225 Bus tickets for 5 refugees to get around the city in Canada

$200 English study materials for five newly arriving refugees

$500 Basic home supplies to welcome a newly arriving family of two and three individuals

$800 Stocked kitchen cupboards for a family of two and three individuals

$1500 Beds, mattresses and frames for family of two and three individuals

$1200 A month of rent for a family of two

$1800 A month of rent for three individuals

$2275 will be used for telephone bills, Hydro, and electricity.

More than 65 million people are displaced from their homes. Make sure your voice on this is heard. Want to help refugees to settle in Canada right now? Here is how you can make a difference today: Donate your fund online at Make your check payable to Armor of Light Christian Fellowship and mail to 1477 McCallum Road, Abbotsford, BC V2S 1B8. Make sure to add your mailing address to receive the official receipt for the income tax purposes. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

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