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An Antarctic trek for Mental Wellness - Changing the stigma one step at a time

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The Antarctic Trek for Mental Wellness is a fundraising event organized conjointly between adventurer Brian Jones and the Chalmers Foundation.

The fundraising initiative is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help and contribute financially to mental health initiatives in western and central New Brunswick.

Brian Jones; philanthropist, adventurer, TD Wealth Investment Advisor, and dedicated family man to 13 year old River Lee and 15 year old Forest Rain; was born in Fredericton, NB where he proudly resides with his family.

It was in November of 2005, that Brian opened the TD Wealth Private Investment Advice office in Fredericton. He was named Branch Manager & Vice President upon joining TD Wealth. Brian then obtained the Portfolio Manager designation. In addition, his TD Wealth branch was named as the runner up to TD “Branch of the Year” in 2006.

Since 2006, Brian has raised well over to $1,000,000 for local charities and organizations through his fundraising that directly touched all aspects of life including children, environment, autism, homelessness and the local foodbanks. The beneficiaries of his fundraising initiatives include South Devon School, City of Fredericton, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Science East, CNIB, Fredericton Boys and Girls Club, Royal Roads Elementary, Gaia project and University of New Brunswick. His most recent fundraiser would have been in 2018 when he and his friend Steven Burns raised $132,000 for Liberty Lane.

Brian is one of the first New Brunswicker to make his way to the North Pole. Matching his fundraising initiatives with high adrenalin adventures, he has walked the Atacama Desert, Sahara Desert, Gobi Desert and climb Mount Kilimanjaro, all costs self-funded.

This December, Brian added a new adventure to his resume when he took on the South Pole. After 6 months of training and mental preparedness, he was dropped of at the bottom of the earth for 2 weeks of skiing in Antarctica and topped his trek by climbing Mount Vinson, part of the ‘Seven Summits’, which are comprised of the highest mountains on each of the seven continents of the Earth.

Brian hand picked the Chalmers Foundation as the beneficiaries of this new adventure and because of the numerous mental challenges he faced during such a trek, the Chalmers Foundation and Brian Jones are proud to say that all proceeds and donations received from this trek will be directly invested in local mental health initiatives to support New Brunswickers of all backgrounds.