The Compassion Project

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Help the Compassion Health Centre provide medical care for the Himalayan people of Tsum, Nepal

Campaign Ends Oct. 25, 2020

Our goal of $18,000 represents ONE YEAR of operating costs for the Compassion Health Centre in Tsum, Nepal. That means medicine, supplies, and our 2 health workers' salaries. 


Tsum is a remote valley high in the Nepal Himalayas. Tsum has no road access which makes providing healthcare a major challenge.


The Compassion Project was founded in 2015. We provide healthcare and education in Tsum, Nepal. We are a small, agile and tight-knit group of founders working at the grassroots level. We work directly with local people, our on-the-ground network, and the village chief to ensure basic health needs are met, and that every dollar goes to providing support. We are small, and we want to keep it that way. Consisting of 1 Canadian and 2 Tsumpas (Tsum-born people), we only make promises we can keep and provide life-saving care that improves the quality of life for this rich and strong Indigenous Himalayan community. 

They know what they want and need to thrive in an extremely remote location. We're here to support that.

The Compassion Project is 100% VOLUNTEER RUN


Our Health Assistant Sachin and Nurse Midwife Sujata live on-site. They work tirelessly treating cuts, infections, and respiratory issues. They make house calls for the elderly and travel to villages so women can give birth in their own homes. They have saved lives and improved quality of life for many villagers. 


Your donation directly impacts the health of babies being born, women delivering babies, children who get hurt, the elderly who need care, and all Tsum people who would otherwise need to walk a long way to access medical care. 

THANK YOU for being a part of The Compassion Project. Any amount helps us and we are deeply grateful. 

Please share with your friends and family to grow our Compassion Family!

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