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The Dam

Registered Name: The Dam - Develop Assist Mentor

Business Number: 889327466RR0001

Mentor a month

Campaign Ended Jan. 31, 2019

Mentoring takes on different forms. Much of what we do at The Dam involves mentoring youth. It takes $1,200 to provide a youth with a mentor for a year.

There are three types of mentoring we are involved in:

One-to-One Mentoring is when a youth gets together regularly one-on-one with a Dam mentor to check in about how things are going and the mentor provides emotional and social support as needed by the youth.

Group Mentoring is when several youth meet with a Dam mentor; usually in a group / circle. Group mentoring with youth is considered an effective method of mentoring for youth to receive ongoing emotional and social support.

Informal Mentoring occurs when youth have developed a relationship of trust and support with a Dam mentor through regular participation in drop-in and other Dam programs. Youth may identify one or more staff or volunteers who they consider a mentor.

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