Registered Name: The Global Research Epicenter Against Human Trafficking

Business Number: 798215497RR0001

Human trafficking is on the increase, in cities and communities across Canada and around the world. Globally, the number of trafficked victims is now estimated to be over 35 million people, all being exploited to generate illegal revenue of more than $150 billion a year.  

The real tragedy of the human trafficking issue is the lost human potential of each and every person whose safety and wellbeing has been taken away. Human trafficking is the most personal of crimes – it steals what all of us hold most sacred – freedom. Human traffickers prey upon the most vulnerable people in our society, young and old, exploiting them for their labour, their bodies and even for their organs. It is modern day slavery and it is happening in almost every part of the world. Human trafficking is not just an international problem. It’s not even just a big city problem. It’s happening in cities and communities, large and small, across Canada right now.

While there have been substantial resources committed to this issue here in Canada and around the globe, a lack of coordination of resources, intelligence and political will has made it impossible to move the needle on human trafficking in any significant way. But the solution is in sight – the Global Research Epicenter Against Human Trafficking (GREAT).

Our mission is to increase public awareness, promote research, improve professional anti trafficking skills, and provide information sharing and analytical support to the fight against human trafficking in all its forms. GREAT is an international network of leaders in community, government, business, academia, data and security intelligence, enforcement and justice, working collaboratively to respond to the United Nations Resolution 55/25 (Palermo Protocol) that details the collective response required to end human trafficking.

Donors like you who care about human rights and social justice, in your own community and around the world, can be a catalyst for change and help GREAT win the war on human trafficking by harnessing the power of knowledge, information and technology. You can help us end human trafficking in your lifetime.

Our initial funding priority is the development of a globally agreed upon, expert-vetted cataloguing of definitions, data and resources available to combat trafficking. Over the next two years, this fundamental start-up work will culminate in a web-based clearing house and resource centre for evidence-based, credible data for governments, NGO’s, and law enforcement agencies to draw on, add to, and aid in their local, regional, national and international counter trafficking efforts.

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