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Tour des Trees - Team Canada

Canadian TREE Fund

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27th Anniversary Ride through Tennessee and Kentucky September 15 - 21, 2019

The Tour des Trees is a weeklong, 400-mile (645+ km) cycling tour. Our goals are:

  • To fund research focused on improving the health of urban trees
  • To fund education programs that connect young people with the environment
  • To raise awareness of the importance of trees to the quality of urban life 
  • To teach communities the value of science-based professional tree care
  • To teach young people how trees grow, why people need trees and how they can help care for the trees in their lives

Who Are The Tour des Trees Riders?

Some of our riders are arborists or work in the tree industry. Others are people in other professions who are passionate about trees and their care. Every full-Tour participant commits to raising a minimum of $3,500 for TREE Fund in addition to cycling 400+ miles in a week, rain or shine. After a long day on the road, riders participate in other activities including tree plantings and educational events in the towns they ride through. Why do they do it? Participants enjoy the challenge, the mission and the camaraderie. Their legacy is a promise of strong, healthy urban trees for generations to come. Come and join us! To join the Canadian team, email The ride takes place in a different location every year.​ 

Who are TREE Fund Partners and Business Donors?

The riders provide the sweat, and TREE Fund Partners and Business Donors provide everything else! All of the expenses relating to the Tour des Trees are funded by TREE Fund’s generous Partners and Business Donors. Learn more about them here.
If you love trees
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