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Please help Phil Graham raise funds for TREE research

Phil Graham's fundraiser supporting Canadian TREE Fund in Tour des Trees - Team Canada

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I am very excited to be a part of this years Tour des Trees Team Canada! I started this adventure in 2003 to support research into tree care - research that helps arborists like me take care of trees. I got hooked on the ride, the cause, and the people who do it. Now I'm preparing for my 14th Tour, a 720 km roll through Kentucky and Tennessee. During the five days of riding we spread the message about proper tree care and the importance of tree research.

I'd love to have your support in this adventure. All tour expenses are covered by corporate sponsors, and all travel is up to the riders themselves. So every donation you make goes fully to tree research!

Riding these distances takes some hard work and dedication, but the hardest part by far is raising the donations that make the research happen. Please donate what you can. Canadian doors can contribute on this site for a tax receipt, and my American friends can donate via