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Help Feed our Fish

Campaign Ends June 19, 2021

90 minnows/week/year-round as food, water testing equipment, and water conditioning supplies will keep our fish healthy and vibrant. 

Heavy sedimentation makes the Red Deer River murky and difficult to see into the water. The plants and animals of this system are largely hidden from view. Located at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre is a living, interpretive exhibit that introduces visitors and program participants to local fish and invertebrate species that live in their back yard.

The living exhibit has created a learning habitat that supplements school and youth programming. The freshwater exhibit (aquarium) is used as a teaching tool for the study of biology, fish and invertebrate life cycles, local aquatic species, and moving water ecosystems.

The larger societal goal is to increase awareness of the Red Deer River and the importance of protecting it.

By supporting this cause, you will be helping us to maintain our new inhabitants by providing funding for food and supplements. 

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