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Registered Name: The Learn and Uplift Foundation

Business Number: 805161593RR0001

Cyber Security and Financial Literacy for Middle School Children

Campaign Ended March 31, 2018

Save Children from Cyber Security Risks

Children in grades 4-6 have a Facebook account before the permitted age. Children put themselves in danger by posting their contact information online, and speaking with people online without meeting them in person.

Save Children from Financial Debt Risks

According to TD Bank report “young people have bank accounts, debit cards and smart phones that give them access to financial products with the mere touch of a button” before exiting high school. Household debt levels are growing faster than income. In the region of Peel, declining numeracy skills is a serious problem; 50% of middle school children in Peel did not pass the EQAO Math test.

Your Gift will Help Children Make Safe Decisions!

With your support we will provide a one hour financial literacy and cyber security course to 850 middle school children in Peel. The course will include content given by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. The courses will provide practical decision-making skills.

This is a TD Bank supported project.

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