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Youth Learning Code

Our Goal

Turning youth from low-income homes into Junior Developers.

Junior Developers are primed to lead the coding food-chain. They have the knowledge and skills to manage teams, lead projects, and work with clients. They have at least two years of live project experience, working with clients, and meeting deadlines.

Youth Learning Code takes participants from their starting point to being a Qualified Junior Developer.

Youth Learning Code includes elements for financial literacy, self-image for success, way finding, food security and nutrition, podcasting, entrepreneurship, resume presentation, and sport and fitness to avoid producing the stereotypical in the basement coding geek.

What is Coding?

Code is the instructions that run a website, make a game work, or allow software to operate.

Coding is also a lot like solving a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces you need are already on the internet. Some of them are even assembled and available in code libraries. All you really need to be good at coding is to like solving puzzles.

Why The Other Stuff?

Youth Learning Code shows people (13-29) from low-income homes how to reach the top levels of the coding community. They become Junior Developers. That means they are going to manage teams and projects.

That’s why we cover personal development, professional development, and adventurous journeys. A big complaint from employers is the developers they end up hiring have no people skills and no management ability. Youth Learning Code makes sure participants are well qualified in every way.