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Leighton Art Centre


Business Number: 119241917RR0001

Autumn 2018 Fundraising Drive

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2018

Awed expressions at the wide open foothills landscapes and mountain views, paint covered little hands, laughter echoing through aspen forests... these are just a few of the joys we experience when children come to Leighton Art Centre. Some of our student visitors have only experienced noisy streets, crowded concrete playgrounds, and little time spent in nature. Imagine never leaving your neighbourhood to experience fresh mountain air. Imagine never playing in a forest or running in an open meadow. Imagine having no art lessons in school because the supplies cost too much.

Now imagine that you can help!

Each year at the Leighton Art Centre we strive to sponsor 450 children to attend our Art & Nature and Summer Camp Programs. We aim to give students a space to explore, appreciate, and create in our wide-open 80 acres. We offer children a chance to feel free, to run through the foothills, and to experiment through art. At the Leighton Art Centre, every day we witness how a few hours in nature can help transform a vulnerable child and give them a chance to explore beyond their boundaries.

We need your help to allow more children the opportunity to attend our Art & Nature Programs. On behalf of all of us at the Leighton Art Centre, thank you for considering our request to expand our reach and our growth!

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