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The Olive Branch for Children

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The Olive Branch for Children (“TOBFC”) helps remote communities in Tanzania assess their primary needs and establishes programs that target the most vulnerable in those communities. We focus on HIV/AIDS prevention and care, early childhood education, food security, environmental issues, gender equality, and vulnerable children and women. The goal is to establish community-led programs which empower remote communities and generate models that can be replicated in communities throughout Tanzania and elsewhere.

First, our Olive Branch team in Tanzania hopes this finds you and your families all well. These uncertain times can be unsettling at best, and it’s often stressful to make decisions wondering if your choices are the right ones. Our best advice is to listen to the experts – public health officials have the community’s best interests at heart. Be patient, be smart, and carry on.

Secondly, we want to assure you that we are all fine. We continue to provide our programs and work with the communities we serve.

Thanks in no small way to your commitment to The Olive Branch for Children, we have been able to deliver a portfolio of services to the people of the Mbeya region of Tanzania. Our fundamental belief in the importance of public health and creating the conditions for healthy communities is the bedrock of what we do. To that end, we cannot in good conscience ignore the warnings and directives of Canadian public health officials, and have therefore come to the difficult decision that we must cancel our gala planned for May 1st.

This brings us to the purpose of this fundraiser.

The annual Gala is our single biggest fundraiser that brings in the most revenue for our annual operations. 2020 will be the first year in the history of The Olive Branch for Children that we are unable to host it. This decision, while important for public health, puts into questions our projects this year. We do not want to close programs but will have to make adjustments as necessary.

We are again calling on our amazing donors to help us in these uncertain times. As you are readjusting your financials please keep us in mind. If you were planning to attend the gala we encourage you to donate in lieu of attendance. 

To keep our doors open and not cut any programs we need to fundraise $40,000. Help us keep our doors open, providing services to over 80,000 per year.

The Olive Branch for Children operates a variety of including;

Zion and Peace Homes, and Academic Scholarships

TOBFC operates two homes for vulnerable children and youth. Zion Home is situated in the village of Uyole, Mbeya, and Peace Home is located in Mswiswi, Mbarali. The homes provide comprehensive care, education, nutritious food, a safe home environment, enriched extracurricular programming, and connection to valuable resources and opportunities. In addition, TOBFC commits to full sponsorship of each youth’s education. Montessori and primary level education are provided directly at Zion Home through the Olive Learners Montessori Academy, and students are supported as applicable through to secondary, college, and/or university level education. Our kids are accomplished and hard-working students, supportive brothers and sisters, and incredible young leaders in their communities.

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Mobile Medical Clinics

Our Mobile Medical Clinic (“MMC”) operates in our rural catchment area. In the absence of this program, to access health services residents must travel far distances to access health services. This is made difficult due to cost of transportation, unpredictable terrain or weather, and the cost of services once reached. Our MMC operates monthly in 22 villages. We deliver lifesaving services and medicines directly to our beneficiaries

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Complete Community Care

Complete Community Care is TOBFC’s group of programs that ensure the communities in our catchment area are healthy and thriving.

These programs identify vulnerable people in the community, and connect them to TOBFC services including:

  1. Providing companionship to those who experience social isolation,

  2. Supporting vulnerable individuals and families with basic needs such as, food, and safe housing,

  3. Giving medical attention to individuals requiring advice, counselling, treatment and management of health concerns,

  4. Connecting community members to the Mobile Medical Clinic or to other TOBFC services,

  5. Providing Quality of Life services, including cleaning and organizing houses, providing walking aides, toilet aides and mattresses.

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Kubuni Centre and Collaborative

Kubuni (meaning “to create” in Kiswahili) serves as a platform to support local capacity building, innovation and knowledge sharing with the aims of creating equal opportunities for Tanzanians, and bridging the gap in knowledge production through practical applications. We operate a variety of programs including Carpentry Apprentices for vulnerable youth, artisan groups, Kubuni Cup (a football tournament), entrepreneurial grants. Maisha is our Artisan Product line. Our artisans are able to craft beautiful fairtrade bamboo, batik and beaded products.

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Montessori Outreach Program

TOBFC cooperates with local and district governments to bring quality, early-childhood education to rural communities. 

TOBFC has established 30 Montessori Kindergartens (each a “Casa Classroom”) and has completed the construction of 17 Montessori school buildings, for children who otherwise would have no “formal” education. Over 2,000 children are currently enrolled in Montessori Kindergarten at these schools. We provide our schools annually with new materials for their Casa Classrooms and expert training for the Tanzanians who teach at these schools. In addition, TOBFC implements health initiatives for children registered in the schools including hand-washing, de-worming and anti-fungal campaigns.

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Water is life and Climate Care 

TOBFC believes we need to find solutions that can increase the standard of living in rural communities while preserving and revitalizing the environment.

Some of our current and future projects include:

  • Planting fruit trees/gardens at the Olive Branch Montessori Academy

  • Starting a fruit orchard at the Peace Home

  • Planting water retaining trees around the wells we have built

  • Planting fruit trees in public spaces in our catchment area and at our Montessori Classrooms

  • Starting community seed banks

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Financial Autonomy Programs

Each Akiba! Nufaika!! savings group is comprised of at least 15 members. Each such group determines whether its “fiscal period” will be 6 months, 9 months or 12 months. During the applicable period, members can save and invest through the group and receive loans from the group’s savings. At the end of the period, each member is returned that member’s savings plus the applicable percentage of dividends. The dividends are a result of the interest rates on loans given out by the individual “banks”. The program currently has 140 savings groups led by community members and a total of 2900 members, of whom the majority are vulnerable women. Participants in the Akiba! Nufaika!! program have used their savings to pay school fees for their children, farm without taking out loans, build homes, pay off medical bills, start new businesses, expand their existing businesses and support their families.

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