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Donna Lawrence's LLNOH Fundraising Page

Donna Lawrence's fundraiser supporting THE PARISH OF ST JOHN THE EVANGELIST NORTH VANCOUVER in The Long, Long Night of Hope 2019

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It is simple: People need help, and we can help.

I look at my family - my two adult daughters, my daughter's partner and their baby all live with me in a home in Coquitlam.  We live in Coquitlam, because North Vancouver became too expensive for us.  We live together, because in this day and age, no one can afford to rent an apartment with only one income, and raising a baby puts even more pressure on the pocketbook.  By living in the same home, we help with daycare.  And still, with 4 working adults in the house, there is not a lot of extra to go around.

I recently heard that the number of homeless people over the age of 60 is growing dramatically every year.  There are so many women and men who have worked hard for decades, but all they have to show for it once they are forced to retire is a government pension - and that is no where near enough to pay rent on the lower mainland.

Help me help those who have nothing. Give them hope.