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Sit-a-thon 2018

The Pine Project

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We've seen first-hand how nature-connection education changes lives. 

When you know more about nature, the less you need. So we take children outside and bring little other than our skills, knowledge, and our commitment to mentoring future generations in understanding, participating with, and caring for the environment. Children that learn to use the simplest materials to meet many of their basic needs grow up independent, competent, confident and empowered. They are positive and see every rainstorm or snowstorm as an opportunity to live and enjoy the moment. They are fully alive, vibrant children that can do anything.

With strong relationships to the land, the community and to themselves, children grow up equipped to face whatever challenges life may give them, and adapt and be creative to meet those challenges. With a deep love and connection to nature and all living things, children turn into adults that inherently understand how dependent human existence is on the natural world. They also have the tools, knowledge and understanding to care for nature, make it healthier, and to become leaders and mentors in their homes, communities, and in their lives.

So in the end, participation in our programs can actually do so much more. It can help people heal, learn, and play. It can help them connect, grow, and mature. It can support them to become resilient human beings, ones that can truly be leaders that our world needs - leaders that understand and care for all life.

"My kids have been going to the p.i.n.e. project's summer and winter camps for 3 years now, and I can't overstate the impact that the program has had on them. In these formative years, p.i.n.e. has cultivated their curiosity and creativity, and established a solid foundation for a lifelong connection with nature. Through the many adventures they embarked on, they have built resiliency, while learning the importance of trusting others; at p.i.n.e., kids are given the rare gift of being seen and heard. This is not a "childcare" type of camp - it is a transformative experience." - Mari Rossi

The Sit-a-thon & the "Sit Spot"

A sit spot is a place you regularly visit in nature to sit quietly and engage your senses, observing nature without distractions (phone, computer, book, etc) – we’ve found that it is one of the best ways to learn from nature. A sit spot is also one of several “core nature connection routines” used by the p.i.n.e. project to support our mission and vision.

This year we have over  participants who have pledged to sit anywhere from 2 - 24 hours each, with a few even doing survival quests! Our participants will be sitting for over 200 hours collectively - and each one of them have their own inspiring story connected to the work we do at the p.i.n.e. project. 

Every dollar we raise together will go directly to our Best Day Ever Bursary Fund.

The Best Day Ever Bursary Fund

The Best Day Ever Fund helps provide families and individuals in financial need the opportunity to participate in p.i.n.e. programs and rediscover their strong connection to nature, gain resiliency and potentially experience The Best Day Ever!

Last year's Sit-a-thon raised over $13,000 was able to provide bursaries for approximately 40 families and individuals. This year we're aiming to do better.

Donate to Sit-a-thon 2018 and help us reach our $15,000 goal.