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Andrew's Sit for Nature

Andrew McMartin's fundraiser supporting the p.i.n.e. project in Sit-a-thon 2018

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Campaign Ends Nov. 15, 2018

On Nov. 10th I will be sitting for 10 hours, as a reminder to slow down and pay attention to what matters. And what matters to me is getting more kids outside. Making what we do more accessible. 

The "Sit Spot" is a key practice in our work. I love watching kids sneak out to their favourite spot, careful not to disturb other living things on their way. This routine cultivates more awareness of others, of the world around them, and a love and care for other living things. Which are traits we need more of in the world today, I think.

Countless studies show that kids grow up healthier, happier, more creative, independent, resilient, and positive in the face of challenge when exposed to nature connection programs and activities regularly. 

Your donation supports kids and families to access these opportunities, regardless of financial situation. Thank you!