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Nikki Satira's fundraiser supporting The Pine Project in Sit-a-thon 2018

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My name is Nikki Satira and on October 27th I will be sitting alone in nature for 10 hours - no phone, no computer, no distractions.

I am doing this to raise money for the p.i.n.e. project's Best Day Ever bursary fund which covers the cost of life-changing nature-connection programs for participants who need financial assistance.

I say life-changing because not only have I become a more resilient and compassionate human being, but so have the kids I've worked with over the last 6 years. I've seen it first hand.

This kind of programming is helping to create people that are connected to the land and want to protect it because they love it. People that are positive and resilient in the face of challenge and adversity. People who are passionately aware of how their actions affect themselves, others and nature. People who will make change for the better.

These are the kind of people I want in the world.

Don't you?