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Sit-a-thon 2018

Kate Satira's fundraiser supporting the p.i.n.e. project in Sit-a-thon 2018

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Campaign Ends Nov. 15, 2018

On October 27th I will be sitting alone in nature for 3 hours to raise money for the p.i.n.e projects Best Day Ever bursary fund. This fund will help cover the cost of nature connection programs for participants in need of financial assistance. 

Why nature connection? Nature plays such an important role in my life and being able to share that with others and help them find that love for it is so amazing. Creating people who love and care for nature means that it will stay loved and protected.

Theres so many things I've personally learned just from taking a few minutes to really immerse myself in nature. Whether that be in my local park or the backcountry of Algonquin. Among many things it has taught me to be patient, to listen carefully, and to be resourceful.

I want everyone to be able to experience these things and with help they will.