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Let's Be More & Need Less

Sarah Vernon's fundraiser supporting The Pine Project in Sit-a-thon 2018

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Hi Friends!

On October 27 I will be sitting alone in nature for 2 hours - no phone, no distractions - to raise money for the P.i.n.e. Project’s Best Day Ever bursary fund. The P.i.n.e Project is an organization that offers a variety of programming focused on nature connection and mentoring. The bursary fund provides financial assistance for children, families and adults to experience these life-changing programs.

Silently observing nature or “sit spots” are just one of the many amazing experiences I had while working for P.i.n.e. My experiences at P.i.n.e inspired me to reconnect with my environment, to notice the small wonders in nature again, and to challenge myself to find a deeper strength and mindfulness.

I’ve seen first hand how P.i.n.e programs and mentors teach curiosity, resilience and responsibility and care for others and our environment. These are the kind of values I want to see more of in our world. I hope you do too!