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Send Kids to their Room! I mean... Outside!

Paul Kitz's fundraiser supporting The Pine Project in Sit-a-thon 2018

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I'm committing to sit for 6 hours in nature, and I'm asking you to help me raise bursary money for kids to have access to nature-connection programs.One of the things I do at work is teach kids how to make fire with bowdrill kits. "That's pretty awesome," you might say, "but what relevance does this have for a child of our modern world?" The way a kid lights up when they get their first coal is obvious. What isn't seen are all the lessons:The weeks of carving, trying, questioning, and modifying to make a working kit. Good enough will not do. In coming to know the trees coming to know their world and feeling at home there. Spinning that spindle with all their energy and repeatedly not succeeding. The physical limits of a tired arm. The mental limits - "I can't do this." "I'm not good at it." Maybe, "I'm not good at anything."And then the moment when all the learning combusts and everything is transformed. Please give.