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Sit-a-thon 2018 !

Isabelle McEwen's fundraiser supporting The Pine Project in Sit-a-thon 2018

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My name is Isabelle McEwen! This year, I will be participating in a fundraiser for the p.i.n.e. project's Best Day Ever bursary fund, which allows underprivileged children to take part in life-changing nature-connection programs. To do this, I've pledged to sit alone in nature for 6 hours--just me, the plants, and the occasional startled hiker. I have done many 'sit-spots' in nature before, but this will be by-far the longest I've ever attempted! I'm excited for the challenge. 

The joy, learning, and growth that takes place when kids are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature are really powerful to experience; I've seen them as I worked in nature over the summer, and want to see more kids have these same incredible opportunities. 

Connecting people to nature helps connect us to each-other, to our actions, and to how they affect the land we share. I'm so excited to see the change we can create together!