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Help me provide an opportunity for growth and connection

Wolfgang Quan's fundraiser supporting The Pine Project in Sit-a-thon 2019

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I've been involved with PINE since the beginning, and in every capacity: I was a child in many programs. I volunteered with pine, and now I'm staff. 

My experience with PINE has been one of the best things in my life. It has taught me to appreciate the beauty, complexity and value of our environment. It has taught me many skills that I use daily. It has taught me resilience, cooperation and self-reflection.

Most of all, PINE continually excites me, allows me to work on my passions and helps to push my edges and allow me to grow in so many ways.

I work with PINE for these reasons, but also because it was such a gift to me as a child to work with caring, intentional mentors who guided me. I want to give back what I received. And I want to help create that opportunity for people who can't otherwise afford to do so.

So I will be doing a 4 hour sit-spot by the Don River in an effort to fund-raise for those people, and I hope I'll have your help.