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The Rainbow Society of Alberta is dedicated to giving the gift of hope by granting wishes for children in Alberta diagnosed with a severe chronic or life-threatening medical illness.

We are different from other wish-granting groups in that children who battle severe chronic illnesses, in addition to those with life-threatening illnesses, are eligible to have a wish come true under our program.  

Having a wish granted can change the life of a child who is facing a life-threatening or severe chronic illness.  It can give them, and their families, hope to keep fighting for a cure.  A wish can bring families together who are stressed and worried about their child and create memories that will sustain them through the tough times ahead.  Some children wish for things as small as iPods or iPads to help them pass the time at their overwhelming number of hospital visits, while others wish for family trips to places like Disneyland or Disney World to help create happy memories that will give them strength to continue to face their illnesses.

What People Are Saying

"A once in a lifetime experience. Most of our daily challenges were suspended for a week and we had high-quality, uncomplicated family time together. And for this, we have to thank you, because we could never have done this on our own, and it was truly a wish come true! "

— Leah's wish was a family trip to Disney World

"We cannot express how much our trip has meant to us! Everyone made it so easy for us to enjoy [our trip] without having to worry about how Emma was going to feel, [and how we would look after her special needs]. I will never forget our trip and the memories we have will be cherished forever!"

— Emma's wish was a family trip to Sea World and San Diego

"When a child is seriously ill, it's the center of the family’s life and affects everyone. One day, our daughter was a normal, healthy 8-year old, the next, her life was threatened. Thank you for making a difference in my child’s life. "

— Sherry's wish was a family trip to Disney World

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