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Our Mission

Our Mission & Mandate

The School is passionately committed to training and education in the art of contemporary dance.

Through our professional programs we dedicate ourselves to investing in the artistic potential of youth for the development of the art form.


- The School strives to train and educate students in all aspects of their artistic development.

- The School serves the art of contemporary dance by providing well-trained dance artists who will contribute to creative development and progress in the professional field.

- The School encourages the professional development of faculty and guest artists so that they may further their artistry and provide excellent and relevant instruction to all students.

Through our recreational programs we dedicate ourselves to investing in the movement potential and creativity of people within our community.


- The School provides excellent training and education in creative movement and contemporary dance to people of all ages.

-The School serves as an advocate for dance and for education in the arts within the dance community and to the public-at-large.

Our Values

- excellence and innovation

- sound, healthy, and progressive training

- investing in choreographic and creative development

- providing a working environment appropriate to serve the needs of all of the students, the faculty and staff, and the art form

About Our Charity

For more than 40 years, the School has been training dancers who have been inspired by the depth of passion and the physical power of the human body in motion. Contemporary dance is an art form of kinetic expression, which both represents and reflects back to us our contemporary world through the elements of time, space, energy, musicality, and dynamics. It can provoke joy and wonder, sadness and despair, humour and delight, and deep feelings of passion and spiritual awareness. As an art form it keeps us profoundly in touch with others, with our environment, and with ourselves.

Philosophically, training emphasizes the whole dancer - body, mind, and spirit - since excellent movement training engages the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our humanity. The School affirms its commitment to the education of all aspects of an individual through its strong and varied curriculum and through the provision of excellent role models in its faculty and guest artists.

What People Are Saying

"Thanks to the School I reconnected to the initial reason I wanted to be an artist. I remembered that my goal is to be able to express in as many ways as I can. Not only be able to do impressive moves, but to be able to move people."

— Mateo Galindo Torres, May 2013 graduate

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