The Servant's House


Business Number: 893433011RR0001

About The Servant's House

We are a church with a big heart for the children and adults of Quebec. With only .3% of the 8,000,000 in Quebec being evangelical Christian we represent a beacon of hope for those suffering without hope.

The Church has a great work to do here in Quebec and we are part of it; the churches are small and so are our resources but we have a big God with a big Church. It is to this Church, the Church outside of Quebec, we are leaning on now for the bit of help we are needing.

We are also members of the evangelical church-school association of Quebec. We have seven schools in the association.

We do not want anyone to rob their church of their tithes. If it is on your heart to make an offering then we are glad to receive it in the spirit it is given

Thank you for supporting our mission in Quebec.

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