Shanti Uganda

Registered Name: The Shanti Uganda Society

Business Number: 819964412RR0001

Our Mission

Shanti Uganda Improves Maternal and Infant Health Throughout Uganda.

About The Shanti Uganda Society

Founded in 2008, Shanti Uganda is a grassroots Canadian charity and Ugandan NGO that supports women and families in the Luwero District of Uganda. We imagine a world where all women have access to a midwife and are respected, empowered and able to thrive throughout the birth process. No woman or child should die from preventable causes during birth.

The Shanti Uganda Birth House is a solar-powered maternity center that provides mother-centered care throughout pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. We run prenatal education and yoga classes, a Nutrition and Community Garden Program, and a Teen Health Education Program. The Birth House is staffed by a dedicated team of Ugandan midwives, on-site lab technician and Traditional Birth Attendant. 

In our 10 years of operations, we've supported 

  • 1579 births
  • 9096 clients tested for STIs
  • 1538 family planning clients
  • 10,689 antenatal clients
  • 4275 postnatal visits
  • 8557 maternal immunizations
  • 12,147 child immunizations
  • 687 girls reached through our Teen Health Program

And our maternal mortality remains zero. 

What People Are Saying

"In addition to the home environment and prenatal yoga classes, it was the care – the love and care from the midwives gave me confidence. Confidence in my abilities to give birth, and to be a mother."

— Lillian, Shanti mom , Read More

"Shanti is the best – there were friendly and caring midwives, it was a peaceful, calm and quiet environment, and was so nice compared to other hospitals."

— Shirah, Shanti mom, Read More

"Without Shanti we might not have such a healthy, happy son. We pray that the funders continue to help Shanti, because it really helps families who cannot afford good care otherwise. We are so thankful for the good work Shanti did for us, and wish it can continue for future mothers."

— Christine, Shanti mom, Read More

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