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Hike or Bike for Housing


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Campaign Ends Nov. 30, 2016
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Since we started The Slocan Valley Seniors' Housing Society, safe affordable rental housing for seniors continues to be severely limited in the Slocan Valley, with only our 10 units at Passmore Lodge and an equal number at Brouse Lodge in New Denver. Did you know that in the Slocan Valley, 1/2 of our population is 50 years or older, but there are only 20 seniors' housing units?  Vacancy rates for seniors housing throughout the entire region are also exceedingly low, and often have long wait lists. 

In order to find suitable housing, many seniors have to leave behind their friends, neighbours and the community where they have grown up, worked, raised family, made lasting friendships and volunteered their time. Others who can manage on their own, hang on to their homes to the point of stress, crisis, & deteriorating health.

Your society has decided to once again step up to the plate and has commenced a "Slocan Housing Project"  which will be located in the heart of the Village of Slocan, with easy access to groceries, the library, cafes, post office, WE Graham Community Services and School, and the beach, parks, the rail trail & more.

The housing project has been in the works for more than a year. The Village of Slocan will lease the land to the housing society. Detailed design drawings have been shared with the public, and considerable survey data collected. The Society has been successful in receiving pre-construction funding for the Need and Demand study and a feasibility study and business plan, all of which demonstrate the need for affordable rental housing for seniors’ and the viability of the project. Professional are donating design, engineering, legal, project management and housing expertise, and we have received a large donation of lumber. The Society has recently hired a start-up co-ordinator to help the committed and hard-working volunteer board move the affordable housing project forward.

Hike or Bike for Housing..... We are on the Move! 

We did it before, when we built Passmore Lodge in 1999 and together we’ll do it again. This is our invitation to the community to come out and show their support for keeping our seniors safe and secure in the valley we all love by participating in our three day "Hike or Bike for Housing". This fun event will make great use of our Rail Trail system which helps us stay fit and connected with one another.


  • SENIOR HIKERS & BIKERS to hike or bike all or part of the route... and to secure pledges before the hike.
  • COMPANION HIKERS & BIKERS to join the seniors hiking & biking. Family, friends, clubs, students, and sport groups. Everyone is welcome to get pledges and hike.  Challenge yourself and others!
  • VOLUNTEERS to greet participants at the end of the day and direct them to a local community centre for food and celebration.
  • PLEDGERS to sponsor participants.

Our trek will commence September 30, 2016 as follows;

  • Friday Sept. 30th, 2016......Starting 8:00 am from Crescent Valley Rail Trailhead  to Passmore Hall for food & celebration (16.5 km)
  • Saturday Oct. 1st, 2016.............Starting 8:00 am from Passmore Hall to Appledale Hall for food & celebration (14.2 km)
  • Sunday Oct.  2, 2016................Starting 8:00 am from Appledale Hall to Royal Canadian Legion Hall, Slocan  for food & celebration (16.2 km)