Big Brothers Big Sisters St. Catharines-Thorold & District


Business Number: 130485907RR0001

Mission: "Empowering Youth Through Mentorship"

Vision: Every Child Who Needs a Mentor, Has a Mentor.

1000 kids served (this year), 5 programs, $650.00 per match, We fundraise 90% of our total budget.

At Big Brothers Big Sisters we understand that being a child today is tough. The world has become much more complex. Navigating it without hope can be devastating. It leads to low self-esteem that manifests in ways none of us feel comfortable talking about. Bullying, dropping out of school, acting out with risky behavior. In the short term this leads to incarceration, teen pregnancy, and teen welfare. In the long term it leads to an impoverished community, one that fails to achieve high social and economic prosperity. 

It doesn't have to be this way. 

Mentoring changes the life of a child and provides them with hope. It fosters resilience critical in today's increasingly complex world. It deals with the root cause not symptom so the result lasts a lifetime. Invest in a child today. Give to Big Brothers Big Sisters St. Catharines and give a child hope today for a brighter community tomorrow

What People Are Saying

"Some of the changes that [I've] seen in Peyton are that he is more trusting, he looks people in the eye now, he has becoming less reserved and more extroverted, and he is getting past tough issues the he remembers from his childhood"

— A Big Brother

"I will be matching a Game On! volunteer with a child whose father recently passed away [...]. When I told him [...] how we needed a mentor for this student he [said that] he'd be happy to mentor him because he grew up in a single-parent home [...] and he knows how much the student needs this"

— The Game On! Mentoring Coordinator

"He is more well rounded and vocal. The negativity from his father does not stand out so much and seems to be back in the shadows somewhere. He sleeps better at night and does not wake up screaming. His nightmares seem to have come to an end since last April. The match has been a blessing for us."

— A Mother of a little

"It's fun and nice to have some guys to talk to because my dad is not home a lot. They made me feel like I was their friend"

— A Little Brother

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