Sudbury Women's Centre


Business Number: 821577004RR0001

Sisters Offering Support (S.O.S.)

The Sudbury Women’s Centre (SWC) is requesting your help to provide basic needs care packages to our clients. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, our most vulnerable citizens may be at higher risk. SWC clients are currently experiencing increased vulnerability, and we would like to be able to help them through this challenging time by safely delivering basic needs supplies like food, hygiene items, and cleaning products for good physical health, as well as activity sheets and references to encourage and support good mental and emotional health.

The services and programs provided by SWC have become a need among women within the Sudbury area. With the outbreak of COVID-19, our delivery capability is shifting. Basic needs among our clients are heightened at this time, and we are grateful for any assistance you may provide.

SWC supports women to reclaim their self-worth and thrive, through access to: Basic Needs; Resources; Services and Education. A community approach, where every individual matters, is how the success of our clients is valued. The Sudbury Women’s Centre is a part of Sudbury Women’s lives, supporting them to thrive.