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Business Number: 118798024RR0001

On E(very) C(orner) a T(errorist)

ON ECT is an an immersive theatrical exploration of schizophrenia - a word which literally means fragmentation of the mind.

E(very) C(orner) a T(errorist) focuses on the emergence and experience of ‘schizophrenia’ using archival material from the Queen Street ‘Asylum’ dating back to 1850.

Schizophrenics 'hear voices'. Schizophrenics fear loss of control over their own thoughts and bodies. 

Clinically we call this 'paranoia' but is it really such a strange idea? How does anyone actually separate internal and external voices? How do we know which voices are truly our own?

On ECT Core Creative Team

Suvendrini Lena - Creator writer, researcher

Trevor Schwellnus - Creator visual artist, environmental designer

Lyon Smith - Creator Composer, sound designer, actor

Leah Cherniak - Director, dramaturge, actor

On ECT is currently in Residency at The Theatre Centre

Residency has its roots in R&D (Research & Development) program, established by The Theatre Centre in 1983. It is designed to support artists in developing new work, and tailored to the specific needs of each participating artist or collective, and the artistic impulse or idea they wish to explore.

About The Theatre Centre: The Theatre Centre is a nationally recognized live-arts incubator that serves as a research and development hub for the cultural sector. We are a public space, open and accessible to the people of our community, where citizens can imagine, debate, celebrate, protest, unite, and be responsible for inventing the future.