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Horizons of Hope - Capital Campaign

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2021


A campaign to build a Centre of Excellence for Hospice-Palliative Care in Toronto to address the critical shortage of residential hospice beds in Toronto.



A 10-bed, residential hospice and Centre of Excellence to provide hospice-palliative care services in Toronto

Funds raised will:

• Support construction of 25,000 sq. ft., two-storey hospice building

• Purchase state of the art furnishings and equipment

• Provide start-up operational funding, to be complemented by annual funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term care (in the amount of $105,000 per bed). 

• Provide training for palliative care professionals and volunteers

• Explore development and expansion of non-residential hospice-palliative care services

The hospice is to be located in a new building in the new, non-hospital, healthcare park on land owned by West Park Healthcare Centre.

The proximity to West Park Healthcare Centre will create synergy through shared costs of support services and secondary revenue sources such as training for hospital personnel or personnel from other agencies in the Park.

Capital funding that is directed to building costs reduces operating expenses (e.g., rent) to make the Hospice more financially sound for the long term. 


Toronto is currently under-served in hospice-palliative care.

• Only 20 hospice beds exist at this time. (Compared to Calgary with 120 beds in 7 hospices. Of the 32 hospices in Ontario, only 2 are in Toronto.) Hospitals are not designed or organized to care for end of life. The combination of residential and visiting hospice services that we propose will achieve two important objectives:

• Substantially improve the quality and scope of care for Toronto families at the end of life

• Reduce strain on hospitals

Please join us in a $10-million campaign supporting this vitally-needed addition to Toronto’s healthcare infrastructure:

The Toronto Commandery Hospice will have transformative impacts for patients, families, and Toronto’s collective future. Most people don’t like to think or talk about death. As individuals, we hope help will be there when we are no longer able to care for ourselves, and we dread becoming a burden to our families. As caregivers, we fear we will not be able to meet the complex needs of a dying person, and we don’t know where to turn to ask for help. It is emotionally and physically exhausting.

The need for hospice support is one of today’s enduring healthcare challenges, especially in the City of Toronto. There are currently only 20 beds to serve a population of more than 2.8 million people. Patients today end up in hospital rather than receive care at home or in a residential hospice as they would prefer. Families bear the brunt of the strain. Caregiver stress and exhaustion are major concerns in Canada, the informal contribution of family members accounts for more than 80 per cent of the care dying people receive, and they save the healthcare system $31 billion a year.

In a situation like this, you’d think hospice and end of life care programs would be popping up everywhere, and that support for informal caretakers would be entrenched in the system as a top priority moving forward. Yet formal, integrated programming for end of life care is lacking in Toronto communities, and chronic, troubling shortages of residential hospice beds persist.

The campaign presents an opportunity to invest as visionary donors committed to the health of our community.

Most jurisdictions in Canada recommend a future goal of 6 - 7 end of life care beds for every 100,000 people. Toronto is already in a crisis, and as our city grows, the problem will only become more acute.

The Toronto Commandery Hospice provides a unique opportunity for Toronto to begin addressing this problem.

Impacts will be felt throughout the system and beyond, as the Toronto Commandery Hospice functions not only as a catalyst in addressing critical needs in Toronto, but as a Centre of Excellence advancing innovation in hospice care more broadly.

60 per cent of the population will at some time require a program of hospice palliative care, yet only 16 per cent can receive it.

An innovative concept blending residential and outreach services, Residential Hospices are a vitally-needed pillar in well planned, comprehensive, systemwide continuum of end of life care provided by an integrated inter-professionalteam working in lockstep.

The Horizons of Hope campaign is about much more than bricks and mortar. It is a fundamental recognition of the nature of terminal care and how it supports patients and families.

The project only begins in a state-of-the-art building but continues with extensive outreach and community programming. Services will reach families when patients are still at home, connect them with resources, and link multiple care providers throughout the end of life journey and provide support for family and caregivers after death.

25,000 Square Feet on 2 floors

• 10 private, residential hospice rooms

• Community living room, kitchen and eating area

• Quiet room

• Tub/shower room

• Administrative offices

• Children’s play area

• Consult rooms

• Grooming and salons

• Beautiful gardens, pathways and verandas

• Day wellness program

• Grief and bereavement program

• Outreach community team

• Resource library

• In-home respite Volunteer Visiting Program

• Bereavement support for both adults and children

• Integration with community partners

• Psychosocial and spiritual support for clients, caregivers and family members

• Inter-professional education opportunities (Nurses, Personal Support Workers and Volunteers)

Consultative support for long term care

A perfect opportunity in a perfect location

The independent hospice, embedded within the non-hospital campus at West Park will put the right solution in the right location at the right time for Toronto. The 10-bed hospice will model best practices in residential care, and this location proximate to synergistic community partners will position it to serve broadly as a Centre of Excellence.

“Death can be painful and scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Hospice-palliative care helpspeople live well right to the natural end of life. It’s what we all want, and what the systemvery much needs to serve our communities compassionately and effectively.”

Rick Firth, CEO, Hospice Palliative Care Ontario

The Hospice will be situated at the heart of a new, five-acre non-hospital complex at the eastern end of West Park’s property. It will be home to doctors’ offices, community non-profits, a dialysis centre, and a pharmacy, a range of like-minded partners and related services, who, working together, have the potential to share and consolidate resources and improve service to patients.

Another example of the emerging synergies, the Hazel Burns Hospice, will merge with The Toronto Commandery Hospice from its inception. Hazel Burns currently supports those living with a life-limiting disease and is an established leader in volunteer-led community outreach and bereavement programming.

“We have the opportunity to leverage redevelopment at West Park, to address acritical shortage of hospice beds and bring more resources and support to patientsand families. Your investment will help us reach out deeply into the community and blaze the trail in addressing the critical issue of end of life care in our city.”

Philip Russel, Founder and Campaign Co-Chair

More than a building: An investment in transformation

Now is the time for Toronto to step forward with the $10 million in capital investment needed to build The Toronto Commandery Hospice. Donated funds will go toward:

• Construction costs

• Beds & furniture

• Medical equipment

• Start-up operational funds

Donors are the key that unlocks our potential.

Due to its very nature, the success of hospice care is dependent on people outside the formal healthcare system – families, volunteers, and private visionary donors who typically provide approximately 40 per cent of operating funds.

The Ontario government’s current funding is set at $105,000 per bed annually against a projected operating cost of $160,000 per bed. This campaign is about providing capital facilities and physical beds, recognizing that these are the vitally-needed catalyst that sets transformation in motion.

“We recognize the tremendous need a hospice would fulfill in extending thecontinuum of care on the campus. A hospice represents a vital and much neededservice and will be a highly valuable addition to the campus and resource to theregion.”

Anne-Marie Malik, CEO, West Park

Compassionate care in a home like environment will support clients and their families at a vital time of their lives.

Help us transform the future!

The final chapter of life is just as important as the story leading up to it. Hospice-palliative care is cost effective and desirable, and The Toronto Commandery Hospice has the vision, the programs, the location, the leaders, the networks, the experience and the creativity to help transform the issue of hospice-palliative care for Toronto.

‘The stars are aligned’ for a great leap forward in healthcare in our city. The opportunity to leverageexisting development at West Park, to benefit from synergies and cost savings, and to stake our claim at amake or break time, is too good for the city to pass up.All of the partners are eager to get to work and anxious to begin. The sooner generous donors stepforward with pledges, the sooner we can get started. Families simply can’t afford to wait.

As a Centre of Excellence, we will work to improve system performance byfinding better ways to deliver quality care, engaging leading thinkers andemploying best practices. The Toronto Commandery Hospice will be acontinuous learning centre which develops the absolute optimal model for care.

Martha Russel, Founding Director

The Toronto Commandery Hospice at Concetta Conforzi PlaceWest Park Healthcare Centre & Non-Hospital Campus

To be located near:

82 Buttonwood AvenueToronto, Ontario

Postal Address:

119 - 660 Eglinton Avenue EastBox 417Toronto, Ontario M4G 2K2

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